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Have you heard the call of the witch? Do you believe in magic? Are you ready to use witchcraft to create change, heal from trauma, and improve your daily life?

Learn about witchcraft beyond surface-level aesthetics! In this straightforward guide, blogger and YouTuber Sam Wise shares a simple, adaptable framework, grounded in years of research and practice, that readers from all backgrounds can use to incorporate witchcraft into their daily lives. Readers will learn how to create their own spells and rituals, divine the future with tarot cards and pendulums, connect with spirits, gods, and angels, live in greater harmony with the earth, and so much more!

Written with beginner witches in mind, Witchcraft for Everyone provides tools and information to help readers draw their own conclusions and build their own practices. Go beyond the basics with Sam’s lessons on blood magic, cursing, and other controversial topics. Learn how activism is inherently connected to witchcraft, and explore ways to keep consumerism out of your spiritual practice.

If you’ve heard the witch’s call and are ready to answer, you’ve come to the right place.

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An exploration of the history of contraception and abortion in witchcraft and paganism.

This celebration of the history and spirituality of reproductive freedom combines thorough research, reflection, and magical practice with an easy-to-understand writing style. Learn about birth control in the ancient world, which gods and goddesses were historically called on to prevent pregnancy, how to cast a spell to find an abortion provider, and more!

Written with an intersectional, trans-inclusive approach, Sacred Choice acknowledges the nuance of reproductive justice and the ways abortion and contraception access is affected by race, gender, ability, and social class.

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