Q+A: Brownie in My House

Illustration of a brownie from The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, a children’s book series based on Fairy lore.

Question (submitted by Tumblr user @the-shadow-queen-is-here):

“Hey! I love your info on the fair folk and I have a few questions. I believe I have one in my house, I assume it’s a brownie. I had this beautiful dream the other night that felt otherworldly, then when I woke up I heard a high pitched ring in my left ear. Then *tings* of metal hitting metal in my room. I thought the thought “fairies?” And then I heard the same high pitched ring in my left year again. Two of my cats having been chasing something invisible throughout the week and I believe its the same being that gave me a good dream. How do I communicate with it? Since its already in my house do I leave offerings inside my home, or outside my home? How do I properly repay it for its kindness and how do I know it accepted my gift? I’d also like to note when I feel it’s presence all my worries and fears wash away. Its really been giving me great moments of peace in a very stressful time in my life. It’s presence actually makes me seem to FORGET about my stressors for a good while. Which feels weird as someone who has anxiety.”


That definitely sounds like one of the Good People, although it could also be a house spirit of some kind. Either way, since your experiences with this being have all taken place in your home, that’s where I would leave offerings.

Traditionally, brownies were given a cup of milk or cream once a week, and dairy products are always a safe bet. Grain-based porridge with cream and butter is also a traditional offering to the Other Crowd in Ireland and Scotland. Baked goods also seem to be well-received, especially if you made them yourself.

Friday is the day the Good People are said to be most active, and I personally make offerings to them on Fridays. (They’re supposed to be least active on Thursday, for what that’s worth.) I also like to leave offerings at liminal times, like sunset, sunrise, midnight, or noon.

Typically, you’ll know an offering was received because you’ll feel the spirit’s presence more strongly or more often, so the activity may increase after you’ve made your offering.

You can also communicate with the Good People with your divination tool of choice — pendulum, tarot cards, oracle deck, ect. There are several tarot and oracle decks that are explicitly intended for use with the Good People, if you want to purchase a special tool for this. I haven’t personally used it, but a lot of people really like the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud.

One thing I would keep in mind is that manners and etiquette are very important to the Good People, so once you make an offering to them, they’ll expect you to keep making regular or semi-regular offerings going forward, especially if you live in close proximity to them. My advice is to only start making offerings to them if you’re willing and able to keep it up either weekly or monthly in the future.

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