Little Acts of Everyday Magic (Baby Witch Bootcamp Ch. 21)

Many witches, regardless of skill level, struggle to feel magical in their everyday lives. If you’re only engaging with magic during your monthly full moon rituals, it can be hard to feel like a powerful witch on the other 30ish days of the month. The trick is to find small, everyday acts to make life more magical.

Here are a few things you can do to bring some magic into your everyday life:

  1. Keep a magical journal. This can be a Book of Shadows where you record your spells and other information relevant to your craft, a tarot journal where you record readings, or a tool for manifestation. And if you’re not a writer, why not try keeping a sketchbook journal or a collage journal? You may even want to try creating Pinterest boards for your different magical interests — you can also use Pinterest boards for manifestations. You can do some pretty powerful magic with just a pen and paper, so don’t underestimate the power of a journaling practice!
  2. Bring some witchin’ into your kitchen. Kitchen magic is one of the easiest ways to incorporate witchcraft into your daily life, because we all have to eat. You can use magic in the kitchen by looking up the correspondences of different ingredients and blending them based on intention, by charging your food with sigils and other sacred symbols, and by speaking incantations while you mix ingredients. Lots of the most commonly used magical herbs are edible, so a lot of spells are easy to translate to food. For example, a pumpkin pie contains all the ingredients for a powerful money spell — all it needs is your intention!
  3. Get into mixing your own magical tea and coffee blends. One of the easiest forms of kitchen witchcraft is coffee and tea spells. Buying herbs to mix your own tea blends can be a really fun (and tasty) way to practice magic. You can also find pre-made blends that can be used for magic at the supermarket — use a sleepy time blend in spells for peace, or an energizing blend in spells for motivation, etc.
  4. Choose your outfits with intention. Use the magic of color to pick clothes that match your intentions — green to attract wealth, pink to attract love, etc. Wear jewelry that has magical properties, or charm a piece of jewelry you already own. You can also write sigils, runes, or other magical symbols on your clothes’ tags to imbue them with magical energy.
  5. Wear magical oils as perfume. I know I’ve talked about this before, but oils are like pre-mixed spells in a bottle, which makes them extremely convenient for the witch on the go. Don’t have time for a full ritual before your job interview/first date/other important event? No problem! Apply an appropriate oil to your wrists and behind your ears, whisper a few words of intention, and go forth and slay. My personal go-to combination is a protection oil paired with a success oil for general good vibes. You can buy pre-made magical oil blends from witch-owned businesses, or make your own by blending essential oils in a carrier oil and charging it with your intention.
  6. Grow magical houseplants. As far as I’m concerned, caring for a plant or animal (see below) is an act of pure magic. Lots of magic herbs can be grown inside pretty easily, and lots of common houseplants also have magical associations. Choose the plants that you feel intuitively drawn to, and make caring for them part of your daily ritual practice. And if you end up using any part of the plant in a spell down the line, it will be extra potent because of its personal connection to you.
  7. Get a magical pet, or learn what magic your pets already possess. Cats (black or otherwise) are the classic witchy pet, but all animals have inherent symbolism and power associated with them. Whether you have a cat, a dog, a bunny, a snake, fish, or some other creature living in your home, do research into the mythology, folklore, and magic associated with that animal — you might be surprised what you find! Make acts of caring for your pet — like feeding them, brushing their fur, or cleaning their cage — into rituals. Allow your pet to participate in your spiritual practice if it’s safe for them to do so. My dog loves to be around me when I’m doing Reiki, and will ask me to give her some energy while I’m channeling. Animals are sensitive to energy, so you might be surprised by how much they’re capable of understanding and participating in your rituals.
  8. Develop a meditation practice. This is going way back to one of the first parts of this series, but a daily meditation practice is one of the most effective ways to develop your ability to sense and interact with energy. It also has a ton of proven health benefits and can help you maintain a peaceful mental/emotional state. Meditation does not have to be time consuming — even five minutes a day will make a huge difference. I’ve recently gotten very into mindfulness meditation, and it’s lead to a lot of positive changes in my life and my spiritual practice. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, I strongly encourage you to start one.
  9. Read mythology, scripture, or poetry — or write your own! Whether you believe that the gods and heroes of myth are real spiritual beings or simply represent archetypes within the collective consciousness, there is power in the old stories. Read the stories and poems that speak to you, and see what inspiration you can draw from them. If no myths or legends catch your fancy, try writing your own! If you were to create your own pantheon of gods, what would they be like? What would they do? Write it down! Pop culture pantheons are also becoming increasingly popular with modern witches — this is where, instead of working with a mythological pantheon, you choose fictional characters as your representations of universal archetypes. If you want to work with Superman as a representation of the Paragon archetype or Maleficent as a representation of the Dark Mother, there’s no rule saying you can’t. Storytelling takes many, many forms, and all of those forms can be sources of power for a witch.
  10. Make a playlist of songs that make you feel like a powerful witch. Right now, my go-to witchy music is In This Moment’s “Mother” album, but some other bands/musicians that make me feel good and witchy are Fleetwood Mac (of course), Florence + the Machine, Hozier, and the Crane Wives. Make a playlist of songs that make you feel powerful and magical, and listen to it any time you need a pick me up. If you choose to work with deities and/or archetypes, you can make devotional playlists to help you connect with their energy. You can also build playlists for specific intentions like love, wealth, or healing. Spotify can be a powerful manifestation tool if you get creative with it.

These are just a few ideas, but there are countless ways to bring magic into your daily life. What do you guys like to do to make life more magical?

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