Some Changes

I swear I meant to do this announcement as a video on YouTube, but I’ve been even busier than expected this week and quite honestly I didn’t have the time to film.

I’m on the cusp of some major life changes, and those changes are going to affect my online presence. Tomorrow I’m moving onto my college campus for a summer work position (for the record, my school is doing everything in their power to maintain social distancing and the only reason I’m allowed back this early is because I’m an essential worker) and on Monday I start my new job.

I’m going to be living in on-campus housing pretty much from now until I finish my degree. This means roommates, who I haven’t met yet. I have no idea how much privacy I’ll have, what my roommates’ schedules will be like, or if I’ll have a quiet place to film YouTube videos.

I’m also going to be putting in 40+ hours a week at work for the rest of the summer, which doesn’t leave much time for planning, filming, and editing videos.

Because of these lifestyle changes, I’m going to shift my focus to this blog. I still want to share my knowledge and thoughts on spirituality with people, and this allows me to keep doing that even with my busy schedule and lack of filming locations. I’ll also be reposting my blog posts on Tumblr and on Pagan & Witches Amino.

I’d still like to film videos if I can, but they’ll probably be less structured and more vlog-y. From now on I’ll be using my YouTube channel to supplement my blog, instead of the other way around.

I still want to continue Baby Witch Bootcamp, because I’m really passionate about providing a free, unbiased resource for new witches. I’ll be continuing it as a series of blog posts here. 

TLDR; I’m going through some major transitions right now and I’m about to have way less privacy and free time, so I’m going to be filming fewer videos. I’m continuing my Baby Witch Bootcamp series as written blog posts instead of YouTube videos. 

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