A New Year’s House Blessing

We moved into a new home at the very end of December, and I thought that a house blessing would be a really nice way to celebrate this new beginning and ring in the new year. Especially since we’re renting and don’t know the people who lived here before us, I wanted to do something to literally clear the air and make the place feel more like it belongs to us.

The whole ritual only takes about five minutes to perform, and it has only a few inexpensive ingredients: a sage smudge stick, one small white candle for each room in the house (we used four), and some holy water. I identify as Christian, so holy water was a natural choice for me, but if you would rather bless your own water for purification you could do so by combining clean water with salt and charging it with your intention. You could also burn candles dedicated to any saints or deities that you want to invoke protection from – when I did a similar blessing for my mom a while back, we burned a Saint Michael candle. I just did a very basic blessing, but you can definitely customize it as you see fit.

I began by lighting my sage and slowly moving through the house, wafting the smoke all around each room. I gave special attention to the front and back doors, because these are the points where outside forces enter our home. As I went, I repeated the following prayer:

“Infinite Power of the Divine, bless and protect this home.”

(Obviously, you could substitute any prayer or blessing you want. When I blessed my mom’s house, I recited one of the Psalms.)

After all the rooms had been smudged, we went through and lit a small white candle in each room. White represents purity and a fresh start, and lighting candles is a good way to both literally and symbolically bring light into your home. As we lit each candle, I again repeated my prayer.

Once all the candles had been lit, I went through each room with my holy water, sprinkling it in the corners and doorways. Once again, I gave special attention to the front and back doors. And once again, I repeated my prayer as I went. I also sprinkled some holy water on myself and my partner, since we are the ones living in this new home.

After I was done with the holy water, I stood in the middle of our home and said a prayer. I talked about our hopes and dreams for this new phase in our lives, and asked God to bless our new beginning. And then we were done! We let the candles burn down a bit, but you could blow them out at this point if you wanted to.

Now, I don’t always see immediate results after a prayer or ritual, but within twenty-four hours of finishing this blessing we were able to fix a previous plumbing issue (which had been so serious that we were considering transferring our lease to another property) and we found out that we didn’t have to pay rent for this month, which means we have several hundred dollars more to spend on furniture and necessities. We also had a stray cat wander in and decide to make his home with us – we have no idea where he came from, but he is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle up to us. We’re definitely feeling the blessings from this one!

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